A Greener Serial-to-Ethernet Solution
Power consumption is critical to battery-powered applications such as water and wastewater treatment, oil pipeline monitoring, and intelligent transportation systems. Moxa's dedicated hardware and software R&D teams proudly offer you a greener and better serial-to-Ethernet solution—the NPort® A series, which features the world's lowest power consumption and is perfect for energy-critical applications.
   MiiNe: Moxa's 2nd Generation SoC
The MiiNe™ is a tiny yet powerful ARM-based serial-to-Ethernet SoC embedded with RAM and Flash memory. Because the NPort® A series products are equipped with the MiiNe™, we are able to reduce the component count by close to 20%. This reduction of components is not only environmentally-friendly, but also enhances system reliability
50% Reduction in Power Consumption
The NPort® A series consumes at least 50% less power than existing solutions on the market. This enables system engineers to meet the tough environmental guidelines required by industry today.
   The World's Only Device Server that Consumes
   Less than 1 W of Power
  Moxa's NPort® A series products provide an environmentally-friendly serial-to-Ethernet solution. NPort 5110A is the world's only device server with a power consumption that is less than 1 watt
The NPort® A series products are your best choice for applications that require power-efficient serial-to-Ethernet device servers such as renewable energy, oil pipeline monitoring, remote water and waste water treatment, and intelligent transportation systems.
Renewable Energy
Wastewater Treatment
Oil Pipeline
   NPort® A Series Portfolio
NPort® 5100A Series
1-port serial device servers
NPort® 5200A Series
2-port serial device servers
NPort® IA5000A Series
1/2/4-port serial device servers for
industrial automation
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