System Deployment Simplified
High-density device applications such as access control and automatic meter reading (AMR) often require connecting several devices. Such applications can benefit from a web-based configuration tool with a user-friendly interface, which makes system deployment and device configuration significantly easier and therefore more efficient.
   Easy 3-step Deployment with Web Console
The NPort® A series' 3-step web-based configuration tool is straightforward and user-friendly. A wizard guides users through 3 simple steps to activate the serial-to-Ethernet application, saving a significant amount of time and effort. With this 3-step web-based configuration tool, it takes a novice user an average of just 30 seconds to configure the NPort® and enable the application.
The NPort® A series is your best choice for applications that require high density deployment, such as automatic meter reading and access control systems for building automation and intelligent transportation.
Automatic Meter Reading
Access Control System
MRT Access
   NPort® A Series Portfolio
NPort® 5100A Series
1-port serial device servers
NPort® 5200A Series
2-port serial device servers
NPort® IA5000A Series
1/2/4-port serial device servers for
industrial automation
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